Sunday, 26 January 2014

Liposuction Information

Several years ago a new procedure, liposuction surgery, was perfected by a French physician. The procedure allows both men and women to improve the contours of their bodies through this relatively simple and safe technique.

Liposuction surgery involves the removal of fat cells from the body and is designed for those who have specific areas of localised fat deposits and who have tried unsuccessfully to eliminate them through diet, exercise and weight loss.

While the procedure is not designed to correct general obesity, any areas where excess fat deposits have accumulated can be treated, these include the chin, neck, jowls, cheeks, arms, inner and outer thighs, buttocks, knees, hips and abdomen. Men with gynaecomastia (enlarged breasts) can also benefit from this procedure.

Men and women in good physical condition with good skin elasticity are the best candidates for this surgery. When the procedure was first introduced, only younger people were considered to be good candidates, however recent improvements in the technique have made it possible to treat patients of all ages. Each person seeking this treatment, regardless of age, must be personally assessed by the surgeon to determine if he or she is suitable for liposuction surgery.

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Face and Neck lift

To many men and women, facial ageing is a very real concern. There are several reasons for someone desiring corrective facial surgery and thus many factors a cosmetic surgeon must take into consideration when evaluating a patient for surgery. These can be discussed in a consultation with the surgeon, but the following can answer a few basic questions generally sought after by someone considering this type of surgery.

The face is considered to be divided into three segments:

  1. The upper face
  2. The mid face
  3. The lower face and neck

The upper face consists of forehead, eyebrow and eyelid area. Dropping brows and deep furrows in the forehead area can be corrected by an incision behind the hairline followed by elevation of the skin, which is then pulled tight and excess trimmed away. This tightens the forehead and widens the eye opening, muscles can be freed to release wrinkles and frown lines. Only a fine scar is left behind the hairline.

The mid face involves eyelids, nose and cheeks, down to the jaw line. The lax skin and muscle in this area produce deep wrinkles and folds running down from the nose and jowl formation. An incision extends from the temple downwards over the small cartilage bump in front of the ear to the earlobe. The skin is then freed and gently pulled back to give a youthful appearance.

An SMAS procedure can be performed which combines tightening of sagging facial muscles with the overlying skin which gives a more natural, longer lasting appearance. The scars are again hidden in the temple hair around the ear.

The lower face and neck ageing problems include formation of jowls (‘turkey neck’), double chins and fatty deposits in the neck area. The incision begins around the earlobe and extends behind the ear and in the hairline without being evident even with the hair pulled back. Liposuction to the neck and jowls is possible to remove the fatty deposits.

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Mini Facelift

“One shows their finesse as a surgeon when performing a facelift. It’s all about meticulous attention to detail.” 
The aim is to create a youthfulness to the skin and a youthful appearance to the neck, jaw line, cheeks and eye area, in such a natural way that one has no inkling that surgery has been done.
As we proceed through our lives, loss of collagen and elastin from the skin, muscles and fat pads of our face, aided by gravity cause, our face to sag. This process is accelerated here in Australia due to the very destructive and ageing effect of our harsh sunshine. Other factors such as smoking, alcohol, weight loss, stress and genetics also play a part.
Injectables and dermal fillers are very effective ways to remove lines and wrinkles and treat the early appearance of facial sag. However once the neck skin loosens and the jowls start to become problematic, it is time to consider a facelift.