Sunday, 25 January 2015

Part 4 of my Patient Endorsement

The whole experience was amazing. 

From the first consultation, to the hospital whose staff were so friendly and caring. 
Dr Rastogi held my hand till I fell asleep which was very comforting. 
I went in for surgery on a Friday and went back to work on Monday. 

One thing I loved about Dr Rastogi's technique was that it is a one day off work procedure (if you're an office worker). 
Work was ridiculously crazy at the time, so to even have one day off was difficult (I called in sick and actually worked from home that afternoon when I left the hospital). 

Every other person I know or have heard of has required two weeks off and had to have drainage or support bras. With Dr Rastogi you don't need any of that.

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Part 3 of my Patient Endorsement

Eventually I decided to visit a surgeon to get some more facts and see how I'd feel about the whole thing once I'd spoken to someone. 
I went to Dr Rastogi on a recommendation of a friend of a friend who had seen him the previous year. Walking in I was still unconvinced about going through with surgery, this was simply a fact finding mission. 
Instantly Dr Rastogi made me feel safe, secure and at ease whilst discussing my concerns and the effects on my body. 
He walked me through the entire procedure and tested various implants to find a size and style that would suit my body for a natural look.

Honestly, I left that appointment still not convinced. I mean surgery, really! How silly! Within a week though I had decided to go for it and within a month I had my new pair of boobs. 

Sunday, 11 January 2015

Part 2 of my Patient Endorsement

Getting surgery was something I had thought about often but I didn't feel that being flat chested was a big enough deal to go through with surgery. I mean look at Kate Hudson, I had more than her and she looks amazing being a surfboard! 
I was worried about how much my body shape would change. When I wore a really good push up bra sometimes I'd feel fat and top heavy. Would I feel like that all the time, if I went through with surgery? Also I didn't want to look like I had two balloons stuck to my chest and be really out of proportion. Besides the body issues I also worried about not being able to lie on my stomach and get massages or play sport. Of course the logic that there are many girls with very large breasts who go to the gym or play sport didn't make me feel better because what if it was a hindrance to me. 
The other stupid thing that I used to say in jest but actually went through my mind was how one day, when walking down the stairs from the last row at the MCG I commented that you wouldn't want to be top heavy as the steps are so steep you could easily fall forward. 
What if that happened for real! Stupid things to worry about but they were concerns all the same.

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Part 1 of my Patient Endorsement

I've always been an advocate for the idea that if you're not happy in life then do something to change it. The same, I feel applies to your body. In this day and age you can change whatever you want so why not!

I've always had small boobs, I'm slim, always have been and have a 'ghetto booty' which was my pride and joy as my only curves. Most of the time I was ok with it. I'd wish for bigger boobs every now and again so that I could have better shape in clothes or feel more confidant naked, but still it wasn't that big of a deal. Other times I'd end up in tears I'd be so unhappy with my body.

After seeing me really upset one day my husband did some research into surgeons. He wrote me a note that said 'even though i think you're perfect and wouldn't change a thing, if having bigger boobs will make you happier then lets make it happen.' Two years later I decided to look into it.