Sunday, 4 January 2015

Part 1 of my Patient Endorsement

I've always been an advocate for the idea that if you're not happy in life then do something to change it. The same, I feel applies to your body. In this day and age you can change whatever you want so why not!

I've always had small boobs, I'm slim, always have been and have a 'ghetto booty' which was my pride and joy as my only curves. Most of the time I was ok with it. I'd wish for bigger boobs every now and again so that I could have better shape in clothes or feel more confidant naked, but still it wasn't that big of a deal. Other times I'd end up in tears I'd be so unhappy with my body.

After seeing me really upset one day my husband did some research into surgeons. He wrote me a note that said 'even though i think you're perfect and wouldn't change a thing, if having bigger boobs will make you happier then lets make it happen.' Two years later I decided to look into it.

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