Sunday, 18 January 2015

Part 3 of my Patient Endorsement

Eventually I decided to visit a surgeon to get some more facts and see how I'd feel about the whole thing once I'd spoken to someone. 
I went to Dr Rastogi on a recommendation of a friend of a friend who had seen him the previous year. Walking in I was still unconvinced about going through with surgery, this was simply a fact finding mission. 
Instantly Dr Rastogi made me feel safe, secure and at ease whilst discussing my concerns and the effects on my body. 
He walked me through the entire procedure and tested various implants to find a size and style that would suit my body for a natural look.

Honestly, I left that appointment still not convinced. I mean surgery, really! How silly! Within a week though I had decided to go for it and within a month I had my new pair of boobs. 

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