Monday, 16 February 2015

Before & After Anti-Wrinkle Treatment

Here is a Before and After photo of my patient who had an Anti-Wrinkle Treatment with me

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Part 6 of my Patient Endorsement

It's now been 10 days post op. From the minute I woke up I loved my new chest. They are so natural looking . They look and feel like they always should have been there. I still fit in a size 8 so half my wardrobe is still wearable, it just looks better, I don't feel fat as my body shape is so in proportion and most importantly I don't feel like I'm going to go face down, down the stairs!
I haven't started wearing a bra yet or exercising, that'll come in a few weeks but I already know there won't be any issues. They're perfect, plain and simple.

So for the philosophy of if you don't like something then make a change I think it holds great value. Self esteem and confidence can be improved by changing the way you look. It's not vanity, it's the ability to match how you feel on the inside to your outside. It's already made an impact for me.

Oh and I also go by the phrase 'fake it till you make it'. Seems quite fitting now!

Sunday, 1 February 2015

Part 5 of my Patient Endorsement

I hadn't really thought about the pain, or if there'd be swelling or bruising. Or abut how I'd be limited in doing things like dressing in certain clothes or doing housework. Of course I was told all this beforehand but never really thought much about it.

I took pain medication over the weekend, but only at night to help me sleep. I'm a restless sleeper and didn't want to be rolling around. I was a bit sore, not the girls, but my ribs. I was warned I'd have fluid on my belly for awhile and that's what made my ribs hurt. That was the most unpleasant part of the whole experience, having extra fluid on your stomach, not a feeling I was used to. Also feeling it swish around as you walk. Urgh makes me shudder even now! I don't feel like I've had surgery as there was no bruising and only small amounts of pain and discomfort. I feel like I've been doing heaps of push ups, that's it. I'm a bit tender to the touch as the feeling comes back but in general I'm surprised how minimal the post surgery down time is. I feel like I could go to the gym now and it's only that I'm older and wiser that I haven't (I'm only 29 but even 5 years ago I would have thought I was invincible and worked out against doctors orders - and then of course have required more surgery to fix the problems I would likely have caused).