Tuesday, 19 July 2016

What does the HCG diet involve?

What exactly is the HCG Diet?
It is a medical hormone therapy, designed to reprogram your metabolism as well as your eating habits.  It's a medical weight loss diet that uses Hcg to change the way you lose weight. The HCG Diet Plan involves a diet of healthy, quality foods for nutrition and tiny amount of the pro-hormone, HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) administered through injections or drops. 
There has been much confusion about how the HCG Diet works but  there is a simple explanation. HCG does not cause you to lose weight.  Diet and exercise are what results in the weight loss.  So what is the point of using HCG?  HCG changes how your body loses weight.  Where most diets result in muscle loss and a stalled metabolism from the body’s diet-induced “starvation mode,” a small amount of the pro-hormone, HCG, keeps this from happening.  This allows the dieter to continue losing weight at an impressive rate.