Sunday, 27 April 2014

Facelift Basics

To many men and women, facial ageing is a very real concern. 

There are several reasons for someone desiring corrective facial surgery and thus many factors a cosmetic surgeon must take into consideration when evaluating a patient for surgery. 

These can be discussed in a consultation with the surgeon, but the following can answer a few basic questions generally sought after by someone considering this type of surgery.

The face is considered to be divided into three segments:

  1. The upper face
  2. The mid face
  3. The lower face and neck

Sunday, 20 April 2014

More on Aspect Dr

Aspect Dr

Tomorrow's Skincare Today.

The team behind Aspect DR aims to develop close working relationships with key medical professionals in order to support the growth of this outstanding range of actives which includes in-clinic peels.

Aspect Dr is a protected brand, not available in department stores or online, and is only supplied to end-users only through partner medical professionals.

The comprehensive Aspect Dr range of products is:
  • Formulated with the highest concentrations of pure naturally-derived botanicals and high octane cosmeceutical correctives.
  • Formulated with certified organic non-genetically modified ingredients wherever possible.
  • Chirally correct and optically pure actives for maximum clinical results without unnecessary irritation or trauma.
  • Free of propylene glycol.
  • Free of mineral oils        
  • Free of parabens and other harsh preservative systems.
  • Free of artificial fragrances.
  • Free of animal derived ingredients.
  • Never tested on animals only people

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Aspect Dr Skincare Range

We stock Aspect Dr in my Double Bay Clinic. Aspect Dr is an Australian owned Physicians’ Only range that incorporates ingredients with maximum percentages proven by clinical trials. Its product range if free of all parabens, perfumes or dyes.

They Promise the best ingredients at the best price! The comprehensive Aspect Dr range has been formulated with the highest concentrations of pure naturally derived botanicals and high-octane cosmeceutical correctives.

Using certified organic non-genetically modified ingredients wherever possible, the Aspect Dr range is chirally correct and uses optically pure actives for maximum clinical results without unnecessary irritation or trauma.

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Breast Augmentation - Placement and Incision

The most common placement of the implant that Dr Rastogi uses is subfascial, which is between the fascia (the outer lining of the muscle) and the muscle. Dr Rastogi feels that this placement gives the best result and is less painful than underneath or above the muscle.

After the implants are in place, the incision is closed with stitches which are dissolving, and a paper tape is placed over your incision lines. You will be told to avoid heavy lifting and bouncing for a period of 6 weeks, after that time you will be able to return to normal activities. You will be advised to watch for any signs of infection, bleeding or bruising. Signs of infection are pain, redness, swelling and fever. Infection is an infrequent problem, which needs immediate attention with use of antibiotics.