Sunday, 6 April 2014

Breast Augmentation - Placement and Incision

The most common placement of the implant that Dr Rastogi uses is subfascial, which is between the fascia (the outer lining of the muscle) and the muscle. Dr Rastogi feels that this placement gives the best result and is less painful than underneath or above the muscle.

After the implants are in place, the incision is closed with stitches which are dissolving, and a paper tape is placed over your incision lines. You will be told to avoid heavy lifting and bouncing for a period of 6 weeks, after that time you will be able to return to normal activities. You will be advised to watch for any signs of infection, bleeding or bruising. Signs of infection are pain, redness, swelling and fever. Infection is an infrequent problem, which needs immediate attention with use of antibiotics.

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