Sunday, 30 March 2014

Breast Augmentation - The facts

Breast Augmentation procedures are performed in a hospital and it is advisable to discuss with your Doctor and anaesthetist, the type of anaesthesia, whether general (fully asleep), local (awake with numbing of the area) or a combination of laical with mild sedation (partially awake). The risks of each type should be fully explained and understood.

There are three types of incisions used for inserting breast implants:

  1. An inframammary incision is made under the breast at the fold or crease line. This is the most common incision.
  1. A periareolar incision is made around the edge of the areola (the darker skin)

  1. An axillary incision is made in one of the crease lines of the armpit.

Dr Rastogi prefers to use the inframammary incision, as he feels this gives the best access to the breast tissue.

Dr Rastogi uses silicone cohesive gel implants that have the consistency of ‘turkish delight’.

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