Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Part 3 Q: What are the best ways to combat the early signs of ageing?

Your lifestyle is very important. 
Sleep without a doubt plays a big part in the signs of early ageing. 
The difference between a good night’s sleep and a late night out is not something you can easily hide on your face. 
We say ‘get eight hours sleep a night’ because it’s convenient in the modern society but eight hours sleep is the minimum requirement for youthfulness.

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Part 2 Q: At what age do women really start to experience the ageing process?

The turning point for ageing in women is around your early to mid thirties. 
This is when the collagen and elastin content in the skin starts accelerated depletion. Fine lines and wrinkles that were temporary start to become permanent.
Change in the bone structure tends to happen around the mid to late forties. 
As well as changes in the bone structure, women lose a little bit of facial fat. The combination of the loss of fat and the reabsorption of the bone start to make the face sag and that youthful plumpness fades.


Sunday, 12 April 2015

Anti-Ageing Special - The Joye

March 20th, 2015
Anti-Ageing Special - Part 1

I’ve received lots of emails lately about ageing, skin and ways to combat the march of time.
More and more, the questions have been turning to cosmetic procedures – Anti wrinkle injections, fillers and what they actually do.
For answers, I turned to my beauty editor friends for advice on which cosmetic surgeon was the best.
I wanted safe, balanced and super-experienced.
Enter Dr Anoop Rastogi who specialises in subtly with a philosophy that ageing doesn’t need to be stopped but it can be enhanced.
Here, he talks about super foods, the importance of sleep and the latest innovations in non-invasive cosmetic procedures.

Monday, 6 April 2015

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