Sunday, 27 January 2013

Choosing a surgeon for Liposculpture

Liposculptures effectiveness is without question. Liposuction can remove fat in the superficial layers in the body. Changes in both body size and shape are possible and results can be dramatic.
The skill of the surgeon determines the final results. How much fat can be taken and how natural the results are, as well as how smooth and tight the skin will be, is based on the surgeons skill with lipsculpture. The contours and curves that are sculptured by the surgeon will greatly influence how beautiful the new body will be.
Anyone considering Liposculpture should understand that it is very dependant on the surgeon. The new shape will be almost solely determined by the the skill set of the surgeon chosen, so take the time to choose your surgeon conservatively.

Thursday, 17 January 2013

The Herald Sun "Ideal breasts. Do yours measure up?" Article

The world-renowned Australian cosmetic surgeon, Dr Rastogi confirms doctors are giving more attention to the breasts aesthetics but does add, "Beauty is still in the eye of the beholder." Dr Rastogi believes it comes down to the patient's ideal look.
"Younger girls tend to be into a Kardashian look - full and youthful," Dr Rastogi explains. "But the majority of women who come to me are mums who have had a couple of kids. They want to wear unstructured tops, but also have very natural, gorgeous breasts that look real. They don't actually want anybody to know."
A "revolution in breast augmentation" has seen the introduction of implants coated with a polyurethane foam to stop them moving or hardening, says Dr Rastogi. Natural tear-drop shapes are available in many sizes so the surgeon and the patient have more options.
In the end the best results come from the breasts and body being in proportion. "It's not a breast in isolation; it's a breast on a body and the balance of both," adds Dr Rastogi. "By proportioning the implant's size and position, you can highlight a patient's figure. If you put the breast low and wide on a person who's petite, it will make them look fat. But if you place the breast in the right position, you can make the patient's waist look smaller. "There are lots of things to take into account. Basically, it's geometry."
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Wednesday, 9 January 2013

My ultra short recovery technique

In my Breast Augmentation surgery I employ the ultra short recovery technique which involves the most minimal trauma to the tissue of the breast. The technique also entails minimal stretching of the breast tissue and protects the most pain sensitive areas including the rib lining.

Breast Augmentation surgery in my hands is performed extremely gently and with precision, to ensure almost no bleeding at all.

Recovery of this technique is much easier and there is negligible discomfort. There are no bandages, no drains and no bruising.

The ultra short recovery time is attractive to those who are unable to take time out from life, be it work or family, or for those that are put off the idea of Breast Augmentation surgery because of the prospect of pain or discomfort.

My patients are typically able to engage in low level activities the very next day (ie. Dinner with friends) and are able return to work after a weekend.

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

The Balance & Art of Breast Augmentation

Size and breast shape vary greatly depending on the balance required by an individual’s body shape, for example a slender, athletic frame or a curvy, fuller figured woman, both have different needs and wants.

Meeting each patients desires requires a unique skill, human skill.
The surgeons sincerity and warmth will allow a patient to feel secure and relaxed enough to talk about their desires and expectations and to ensure they can be satisfied.
It is essential that beautiful breasts, look and feel real and move exactly like real breasts.

There is a vast array of breast shapes, all equally attractive and each appealing to different people in different ways. There are of course, certain qualities that must remain constant, which I endeavour to create. These include nipples that point slightly up and out, a moderate arc from the nipples to the crease underneath the breasts, a natural form from the shoulder blade to the nipple, a figure line that just brushes the edge of the upper body and natural cleavage.
The skill and ability to create beautiful breasts, every time, occurs from keen attention to detail, artistic and of course surgical skill and a need to create splendour. Breasts like these aren’t created by accident. Beautifully shaped breasts are a fine balance in line with the patients figure and in order to emphasise the patients womanly curves.