Thursday, 17 January 2013

The Herald Sun "Ideal breasts. Do yours measure up?" Article

The world-renowned Australian cosmetic surgeon, Dr Rastogi confirms doctors are giving more attention to the breasts aesthetics but does add, "Beauty is still in the eye of the beholder." Dr Rastogi believes it comes down to the patient's ideal look.
"Younger girls tend to be into a Kardashian look - full and youthful," Dr Rastogi explains. "But the majority of women who come to me are mums who have had a couple of kids. They want to wear unstructured tops, but also have very natural, gorgeous breasts that look real. They don't actually want anybody to know."
A "revolution in breast augmentation" has seen the introduction of implants coated with a polyurethane foam to stop them moving or hardening, says Dr Rastogi. Natural tear-drop shapes are available in many sizes so the surgeon and the patient have more options.
In the end the best results come from the breasts and body being in proportion. "It's not a breast in isolation; it's a breast on a body and the balance of both," adds Dr Rastogi. "By proportioning the implant's size and position, you can highlight a patient's figure. If you put the breast low and wide on a person who's petite, it will make them look fat. But if you place the breast in the right position, you can make the patient's waist look smaller. "There are lots of things to take into account. Basically, it's geometry."
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