Wednesday, 9 January 2013

My ultra short recovery technique

In my Breast Augmentation surgery I employ the ultra short recovery technique which involves the most minimal trauma to the tissue of the breast. The technique also entails minimal stretching of the breast tissue and protects the most pain sensitive areas including the rib lining.

Breast Augmentation surgery in my hands is performed extremely gently and with precision, to ensure almost no bleeding at all.

Recovery of this technique is much easier and there is negligible discomfort. There are no bandages, no drains and no bruising.

The ultra short recovery time is attractive to those who are unable to take time out from life, be it work or family, or for those that are put off the idea of Breast Augmentation surgery because of the prospect of pain or discomfort.

My patients are typically able to engage in low level activities the very next day (ie. Dinner with friends) and are able return to work after a weekend.

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