Wednesday, 2 January 2013

The Balance & Art of Breast Augmentation

Size and breast shape vary greatly depending on the balance required by an individual’s body shape, for example a slender, athletic frame or a curvy, fuller figured woman, both have different needs and wants.

Meeting each patients desires requires a unique skill, human skill.
The surgeons sincerity and warmth will allow a patient to feel secure and relaxed enough to talk about their desires and expectations and to ensure they can be satisfied.
It is essential that beautiful breasts, look and feel real and move exactly like real breasts.

There is a vast array of breast shapes, all equally attractive and each appealing to different people in different ways. There are of course, certain qualities that must remain constant, which I endeavour to create. These include nipples that point slightly up and out, a moderate arc from the nipples to the crease underneath the breasts, a natural form from the shoulder blade to the nipple, a figure line that just brushes the edge of the upper body and natural cleavage.
The skill and ability to create beautiful breasts, every time, occurs from keen attention to detail, artistic and of course surgical skill and a need to create splendour. Breasts like these aren’t created by accident. Beautifully shaped breasts are a fine balance in line with the patients figure and in order to emphasise the patients womanly curves.

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