Sunday, 27 September 2015

Part 24 Q: What checks should be made on a cosmetic surgeon before undergoing a procedure?

Most doctors in Australia are well qualified; it’s just the nature of medicine here in Australia. But there’s a very big difference in the level of talent among these qualified surgeons. Word of mouth is everything and that’s just not ‘my friend went to someone and they kind of had a good result.’
Do your research and find someone who consistently comes up with great reviews and someone who has a great reputation. That’s the person you need to see. Not just because the results will be good, but because it also means the complications rate is extremely low. They’re the two things you want to know – you want to know that you’re in really safe hands and that you’re going to get a beautiful, natural looking result.

Sunday, 20 September 2015

Part 23 Q: How do you use cosmetic procedure to combat the following common ageing concerns?

Acne scarring
We treat most acne scarring with microdermabrasion, lasers or a peel. When scarring is too deep for these treatments to work, we fill the scarring with hyaluronic acid. If a patient has deep or big areas with scarring, they can respond really well to dermal fillers. Patients with finer acne scars can see results from our treatment in as little as one visit, while more sever scarring will need to be treated broadly a couple of times, then we target any problem areas after that. The way our acne treatments erase scars is by flattening the skin around it so the acne scarring disappears.
The best thing for acne is to treat it while you’re a teenager. And thanks to advances in technology, we can now do that. Teen acne can be treated with blue and green wave length lasers that can shrink the glands. This treatment should be complimented with really good skincare products. If all else fails, go onto Roaccutane. But that should be your last resort.

Sunday, 13 September 2015

Part 22 Q: How do you use cosmetic procedure to combat the following common ageing concerns?

Lines caused from smoking
My first piece of advice is to stop smoking. But if the damage is already done, the most common treatment is to use hyaluronic acid dermal fillers as most lines caused from smoking are around the mouth.

Sunday, 6 September 2015

Part 21 Q: How do you use cosmetic procedure to combat the following common ageing concerns?

Fine and dynamic lines
If they’re in areas suitable for injectables, and most areas are, then anti wrinkle injections are the primary treatment for fine and dynamic lines. Particularly in the upper face around the eyes and in the forehead where frown lines are. If it’s around the mouth then we’re more likely to use the finer dermal fillers because this area needs to move more naturally.