Sunday, 21 July 2013

No Fuss Nips & Tucks

Sydney Morning Herald
March 2, 2009

For a truly uplifting experience, go up a cup size in an hour without surgery, writes Becky Barker.
It could only be a matter of months before women are queuing up for a walk-in, walk-out, go-back-to-work boob job in Australia. Dr Anoop Rastogi, who has a practice in Double Bay, started clinical trials on three patients with the new, injectable, gel-like filler Macrolane last month and says the patients love the look.
"There was a little bit of swelling, they took mild painkillers for a couple of days and were back at work the same day," says Dr Rastogi, who administered the treatment at 40-minute appointments where the subjects received a local anaesthetic under light sedation.

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