Sunday, 8 September 2013

London Models Used to Determine Specific Ideal Breast Proportions

For this in-depth study, the London surgeons involved analyzed the proportions of 100 topless models featured in The Sun,a weekly British tabloid newspaper. Their findings provided highly detailed descriptions of the modern ideal breast based on proportions:
  • 45% of the breast above the nipple
  • 55% of the breast below the nipple
  • Nipple pointing upward at a 20-degree angle
According to famed Australian cosmetic surgeon Dr. Anoop Rastogi, these issues of proportion are some of the most crucial aspects of surgeries like breast augmentation, breast lifts orbreast reductions.
“It’s not a breast in isolation; it’s a breast on a body and the balance of both,” says Rastogi. “By proportioning the implant’s size and position, you can highlight a patient’s figure… if you place the breast in the right position, you can make the patient’s waist look smaller. There are lots of things to take into account. Basically, it’s geometry.”
However, regardless of the aforementioned ideal, the most important aspect is still what best fits the needs and wishes of the patient. Dr. Rastogi says, “Younger girls tend to be into a Kardashian look – full and youthful. But the majority of women who come to me are mums who have had a couple of kids. They want to wear unstructured tops, but also have very natural, gorgeous breasts that look real. They don’t actually want anybody to know.”

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