Sunday, 30 August 2015

Part 20 Q: You’re not a fan of the “Y” Lift. What is it and what should we be weary of?

A Y Lift is the name given to a pattern of injections administered to the face to plump up the cheeks and remove the signs of ageing from the lower face. Does it work? Yes it does, but it’s a recipe book approach to anti wrinkle injections where you inject in a certain way to create a lift. It’s a technique that’s been developed that lots of doctors can use, which is good in that sense. 
The average injector can produce a decent result, but it doesn’t take into consideration your personal features or face shape. Instead, by skilfully adding anti wrinkle injections you can harmonise the face so that when people look at you they think ‘wow you look good but I just don’t know why.’

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