Saturday, 2 February 2013

The art of Liposculpture

The female form is characterised by its curves. The sway of the back, the shape of the breast, the curve of the waist, the round of the buttocks, the contour of the hips and line of the legs. The beauty of the woman's new figure, whether it is slender, athletic or voluptuous will be determined by the sculpting of her curves. The key to female sculpting is in flattening the tummy and sculpting a gentle curve to the hips and thighs to balance the proportions of the back and shoulders, while sculpting the waist to highlight her feminine contours. The intention is to accent both shapeliness and slenderness. Sculpting the outer and inner thighs while slimming the knees but accentuating the contour of the calve will create slender yet shapely legs and sculpting the ankle will elongate the appearance of the legs.
In contrast for male liposculpture, I need to highlight and enhance the shoulders broadness by sculpting in the line of the back and tightening the hips, abdomen and waist as much as possible. I believe male appeal is defined by muscular and angular definition, the abs and the V shape of the back.
Whether sculpting men or women the beauty comes with the skill of the hands and an eye for proportion.

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