Sunday, 17 February 2013

What are P-ure implants?

P-ure implants are known as the 'furry Brazilians' because of the layer of netting that covers the surface of the implant. This netted coating gives the implant two special qualities which I call the “Velcro effect” and the “lattice effect”. The Velcro effect stops implants from sagging and the lattice effect stops them from going hard. Whilst I have enjoyed very high patient satisfaction rates and very low complication rates, P-ure implants have dramatically reduced the risk of complication even further.
I call P-ure implants the “why would you use anything else” implant due to the FDA confirming a 19 times lower complication rate with P-ure coated implants as compared to conventional smooth and textured implants.
Wondering why all surgeons don’t use the P-ure implants? Some surgeons find the implants difficult to use as once they are put in position they stick in place so you have to get the right position from the start. Therefore, these implants require greater surgical precision, acute clinical judgement and more careful planning. I am one of the Australian Pioneers of this new, more natural style of the P-ure implants and I have implanted well over 600 of these. I have developed a technique I named the ‘Rastogi Method’ which improves the accuracy of surgical placement. This technique has been employed by many other surgeons who now use these implants. 
Its important to find a surgeon that is highly skilled with these implants rather than choosing a surgeon and then convincing them to use them. 

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