Sunday, 28 April 2013

Breast Augmentation Case Study

Jacqueline - fitness instructor and part-time model wanting a career in fashion.
"I was always told my breast size wasn't ideal," says Jacqueline. "And when I went shopping I felt limited about what fashionable clothes I could wear."

Jacqueline decided to have implants and she says, now, "I feel more confident and feminine."

In my opinion Jacqueline had beautiful shoulders and nice hips, yet she lacked the hourglass figure she desired as her breasts were small.

The aim was to create breasts to balance her petite figure, which would allow her to pursue her career.

Jacqueline had tubular-shaped breasts with a short distance from the nipple and the crease under the breast.

Due to her natural breast shape, I chose a very specialised tear-drop shape so I could lift the nipple position and correct the tubular shape.

Her breasts slope gently from her shoulders to her nipples, then arc fully to the creases under her breasts.

The width of the implants created a perfect cleavage, and fullness at the sides made a contrast with Jacqueline's waist, producing her sought after hourglass figure.

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