Sunday, 24 March 2013

Liposculpture Versus Mini Tuck

Having a baby is a joyful experience but the small bulge and loose skin that can be left behind is not! Sometimes no matter how much you exercise or eat sensibly that bulge just won't budge and that loose skin won't bounce back. 
Is Liposculpture the answer? No, while liposculpture is perfect for reducing the excessive fat in the tummy area, it won't help to contract the loose skin.
No matter how skilful the surgeon is and how smoothly the liposculpture is performed the natural healing process will produce scar tissue (this is completely normal) and the outcome will be a dimpled, irregular looking surface. This is due to the scar tissue anchoring itself to the looser skin and to the underlying muscle in a haphazard way, creating a hail damaged appearance.
This is where the mini tuck comes in. As I previously mentioned this is a much smaller, less invasive surgery, where the loose skin is gathered solely by liposculpture undermining which guarantees that the blood supply to the skin stays strong and withdraws excess fat at the same time.

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