Saturday, 2 March 2013

More about Facelifts

Wondering what age a facelift should be performed? These days facelifts are being performed at a younger age. The reason is, when you are younger there is more elastin and collagen in the facial tissue and so the lift will last longer.
Women in their 40-50's feel, act and have the lifestyle of women previously in their 30's, however their facial appearance doesn’t mirror the way they feel. This is another reason why facelifts are performed at this time, so their face can match the way they feel. Another reason why women are having facelifts younger is due to the advancements of the surgery itself, they last much longer and therefore women don’t have to wait until they look older before they have a facelift. This means the results can be seamless and more of a maintenance of their youthful looks rather than a more obvious, dramatic change if done later on.
I tailor facelifts to the individual but in general I perform a muscle 'SMAS' lift which firms and of course lifts the face. If I tighten at a muscular level it allows the attached skin to be lifted without any pulling on the skin. This type of facelift produces the most natural appearance. By lifting the muscle it means that the lift will last much longer and the procedure is less invasive. Incisions are hidden in the creases of the skin and in the edge of the hairline where they are concealed. 

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